Gaskets and sheets based on clingrite

They are composed of long and middel fibers and special SPR and NPR rubber and chemical miseture.

They have high strength against the heavy working conditions, high pressure and temperature, steam, warm water, sonvents, minerals, oil, light acid alcohol and gas, en sure the impermeabity for convections, eccentri lids, carter lids, absorbing manifolds and pumps.

Copper Meterial and gaskets

100% copper alloyed pure material ensures high strength with its convenient compressibilty against high temperature at high pressure and compressions and at the all heavy working contitions.

Fields of use:

  • Engine cylinder heads ,
  • Oil and air connectors ,
  • Pins and bolts ,
  • Scales and joint washers ,
Used to prevent the compression leakage and to ensure the impermeability.
Smooth tinned sheet material sheets Gaskets and sheets based on copper aluminium
Lombardini Buch Lister set of gaskets Gasket sets
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